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Why North Korea Banned Blue Jeans

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Why North Korea Banned Blue Jeans

Fun Fact About North Korea #7

North Korea has banned blue jeans in the country.

Did you know that in North Korea, no one is allowed to wear blue jeans.

They are completely banned in the country.

Kim Jong Un sees blue jeans as a symbol of US influence and therefore made them illegal for North Korean’s to wear.

Fashion trends that are also banned include:

  • Mullets
  • Ripped denim
  • Spikey and dyed hair
  • Certain piercings
  • Branded T-Shirts

You can find more fun facts about North Korea on The Life of Jord’s YouTube & TikTok accounts.

All of our fun facts are from the Around the World in 800 Facts series, by Jordan Simons.

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