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The Countdown To Coron

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The Countdown To Coron

I’m writing this in Bandar Seri Begawan! That’s the capital of little known, and little visited Brunei. I’m chilling out for a few days – my idea of a holiday is to go somewhere obscure, that I’ve never been before of course! – before I fly to Manilla, and then onto Palawan, because in just over a week, myself and Jord will be in Coron, to kick off our first ever Travel Continuously Summit, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Jord is already in the Philippines, way ahead of me, working on one last project before we meet up and spend the week right before the big event finalising all the little details in Coron itself. And you know, working in paradise, sampling the restaurants, checking out the islands…

All important stuff.

It’s been a long journey since we had the idea to help and to teach a group of content creators to be the Digital Nomads they want to be at the start of this year, but everything will finally all come together on 9th May, when it all begins in Coron.

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The Countdown To Coron Is Well And Truly On

This last week ahead of us before it all begins is really just the countdown to Coron. We have an awesome group of Nomads joining us – you can find out about everyone on the trip HERE! – and we have some incredibly successful guest speakers helping out too – read about these guys HERE!

It’s set to be a week of learning, inspiration and content creation in one of the Philippines’ most beautiful island settings. We have boat trips, epic sunset sessions and the all important workshops planned.

If you want to follow the event live, then get on over to our Travel Continuously Instagram where we will be posting daily updates from 9th May -16th May throughout the event. There might even be a few cheeky announcements to look out for too…

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The Future Of Travel Continuously

It goes without saying that we have big plans laying ahead for Travel Continuously and if you missed out on the first summit, then don’t worry, there will be plenty of ways to get involved in the future and to learn how become a Digital Nomad.

After the event in Coron, we will be hanging around the Philippines for a little bit longer, exploring a few awesome places outside of Palawan. The Philippines is a country that has so much to offer, and this won’t be the last time we are all in the country. It’s the sort of place which just keeps drawing you further and further in!

We will have videos and blog posts going live after the event, so you can keep up to date on what happened and learn a few tips too to help you on your own journey.

Exciting things are happening, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

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Safe Travels Nomads!

Richard, Travel Continuously Editor

Travel Continuously is a community based platform, and we want you to be involved. 

Do you travel continuously? Are you a full time traveller, digital nomad or expat? 

We would love to hear from you! Get in contact to share your story with us, to be featured on Travel Continuously, to let us know what we’ve missed, what you want to hear and even what we’re doing wrong! Together we can help inspire others to follow their dreams and travel the world!

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