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Small Term Gains = Long Term Rewards

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I wanted to write this piece because it’s probably the single greatest lesson I’ve ever learned.

The only ‘secret to success’ I’ve ever been taught is to turn up every single day and put in the hard work. It doesn’t sound sexy and it doesn’t create many headlines, but it works. It seems like a simple idea that a lot of people ignore – if you keep putting in the hard work every day, eventually that consistent effort will add up to big rewards in the future.

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I see too many business gurus spreading the overnight success message and there a lots of people buying into it. We see it every day on social media – ‘Gary Has Just Become a Bitcoin Millionaire’, ‘This Guy Made Millions From His Simple Idea’, ‘From Rags to Riches, An Overnight Kickstarter Success Story’ – But the truth is that all those headlines ignore the hard work that has gone on beforehand.

For each ‘instant success story’, you’re only ever seeing the tip of the iceberg and missing out on all the years of learning to get to that point – all the times they failed and had to start again, all the days they turned up at 6am and finished working at 11pm.


The only definite way to ensure you’ll be successful in whatever you do is to keep turning up every single day and keep putting in the effort. Eventually that consistent effort will all add up!

It can apply to anything:

  • Learn 10 words of a language every day. In 3 years you’ll know 10,000 words, which is generally considered to be fluent.
  • Invest a small amount of money wisely every day. Compound interest would make you a millionaire in the long run.
  • Post every day on social media while constantly learning and improving. Eventually you’ll have a large following and be able to make a full-time living.

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The main thing to take away from all this is to never give up and eventually you’ll get to where you want to be. Keep grafting, keep putting in the effort and don’t expect the rewards to come to you overnight – trust that they WILL come to you in the long run.


Remember that and live by it. As long as you gain something each day, you’re working towards your overall dream.

I hope that helps some of you, please let us know what you’re working towards in the comments below!

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