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adventure bag crew

Joining The Adventure Bag Crew – A Social Movement in Bali

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Last weekend we had our first Adventure Bag Crew action that we took part in here in Canggu, Bali. The Adventure Bag Crew only started a couple of months ago, and it was Jackson Groves who began collecting the trash he found on mountains and beaches and speaking about it on his social media channels. That is how we heard about the movement and when we heard they’re organising a beach cleanup in Canggu, we jumped to help collect the trash off the beach.

2019 digital nomad hotspots

2019’s Digital Nomad Hotspots

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2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Digital Nomads, with more opportunities to earn money online than ever before and with more people across the world taking the plunge to live the life that they want to lead. Digital Nomads, being nomadic and all, are constantly roaming the planet and searching out the best spots to both work and live from, and each year there’s a new city or island that captures the imagination of travellers and becomes a hotspot for online workers.

Freelance Writing Career

5 Ways to Start Your Freelance Writing Career Online

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Travellers have always dreamed of being to able travel the world continuously while earning money along the way. One way of funding your travels and one way to even build an entire career while travelling is to start freelance writing. For many travellers who love writing, the ultimate job is that of a travel writer. What’s better than combining your two passions and earning a living from it?