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Incredible Drone Pictures of Island Hopping in Coron!

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Incredible Drone Pictures Of Island Hopping In Coron!

The team have arrived in Coron,in the beautiful Philippines, to prepare for our epic first ever Travel Continuously Summit, which is now just a few days away.

We’ve been scouting the islands of Coron out ahead of the big event which begins this Wednesday, on 9th May 2018, when we meet with a talented group of digital nomads, bloggers and content creators from around the world at the Funny Lion hotel for a week of lessons, workshops and even more island hopping.

To get you excited for the awesome content that will soon be heading your way from Travel Continuously and from everyone involved in the upcoming summit, here are a selection of drone picture from our island hopping excursions around the tropical archipelago earlier this week.

Trust us, they are incredible!

Island Hopping Coron

Island Hopping Around Coron

We arrived early into Coron early to give ourselves a few days to explore the islands ahead of our trip, and headed out on a boat tour that took us to some of the best and most beautiful spots out there.

Coron is known for its spectacular island scenery, its stunningly clear water and vibrant, colourful coral. It’s the perfect place to fly a drone, and the pictures from our aerial efforts were simply incredible.

We hopped from island to island, stopping to take pictures and to fly the drones up high above the waves to get that striking colour contrast and sense of awesome natural beauty from an aerial perspective.

Incredible Drone Pictures of Island Hopping in Coron!

We visited two of the most spectacular destinations in the islands, Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoons, and we will be most definitely returning to these same places next week with the whole Travel Continuously Summit.

Until then, here are the most incredible drone pictures of island hopping in Coron!

Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron Island Hopping Coron

The Travel Continuously Summit Coron 2018

This upcoming week will be a busy one for everyone here at Travel Continuously, and everyone who is attending the event. We will be posting daily from Coron, as we give talks and workshops and of course explore even more of the islands of this breathtaking archipelago.

Keep following for updates and to find out how you too can get involved in future events!

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