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How I Learned To Make Money While Travelling

There are so many resources available online to help you learn new skills, all at just the click of a button or the swipe of a finger.  Jordan Simons, Co Founder of Travel Continuously and Full Time YouTuber at The Life of Jord takes us through how he uses websites and online tools to learn how to make money while travelling.

This Is How I Learned To Make Money While Travelling!

I want to show you how I got started.

I’ve been travelling for over 3 years now. I quit my job, left my home in the United Kingdom and I boarded a flight to Barcelona, and I still remember the date today. 21st August 2014.

But I didn’t become a Full Time YouTuber straight away.

flight Going to 6 Countries Across The World For Just £300.

The Fall Back Plan

I travelled for 9 months after I touched down in Barcelona, crossing Europe then travelling through India, Nepal and South East Asia. I wasn’t putting in any effort to find work though. I was just travelling. I was having the time of my life, seeing the world, but I couldn’t travel continuously this way. My money slowly drained away, and I found myself in Bali, almost completely broke.

But there are worse places in the world than Bali to be broke.

I had a fall back plan in the form of the Australian Working Holiday Visa and I booked the cheapest flight from Bali to Australia that I could find, flying into Perth for about $30.

I began my working holiday with zero money in the bank, and it took me 6 months of working in Perth to build up my funds to a point where I could travel again.

I knew that this time when I hit the road though, I wouldn’t end up in the same position again.

This time I had a strategy.


back to bali travel continuously

I Left Australia With A New Strategy

I knew that I wanted to be a YouTuber and a blogger. I knew this from the moment I quit my job in the UK to travel the world. But I had also realised by this point that YouTube wasn’t going to pay the bills straight away. That would take a lot more time.

So I started doing Web Design while I was travelling. Freelancing online and building websites for companies and clients.

The thing is though, I knew absolutely NOTHING about web design before I’d started travelling.

I Learned EVERYTHING Online. And So Can You.

These days you can learn literally anything you want to online. There are video tutorials which will take you step by step through anything, from web design to flying drones. There’s a huge number of resources online which you should take of advantage of to learn new skills, to improve old skills and to ultimately help you to have the career that you want.


Enter Skillshare

One resource that I wish I had known of when I was scouring the internet to learn web design is Skillshare. This is a website dedicated to helping you learn anything. From video editing, to photography, there are thousands of classes available online to help you learn and improve. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to travel continuously!

I firmly believe that if you are interested in something, then there will always be another person somewhere in the world who is interested in the same thing. In fact there’s probably a lot of people.

Whatever it is you are interested in doing, then there will always be a way to turn into a viable career. It’s guaranteed that there will be others to help you along the way., and others you can learn from. With so many resources available online, it’s easier now than it ever has been to make your interests become your life, you just have to start learning!

Now watch the video:

Video By Jordan Simons

Article Compiled By Richard Collett

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