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Doing One Thing Every Day That Scares Us

Do you ever ask yourself what is it that scares you?

What is it that terrifies you, makes you shake with fear or tremble with anxiety?

When I was standing on the starting line of the Running of the Bulls, down a narrow cobbled street in Pamplona, living a travel dream of mine, I suddenly realised that angry bulls charging towards me was one of the things that terrified me. But it was too late, all I could do was run. The fear of charging bulls was the motivation to meet the challenge I had set myself. I was fulfilling one of my bucket list experiences, getting a good story to tell back home and an adrenaline rush. In the moment though, the bigger picture meant nothing, the motivation was in the present, with primal fears spurring me on to overcome the challenge that day. The satisfaction of overcoming your fear makes any challenge worth meeting.

the bulls

Staring down the bulls.

This was no everyday experience of course, but everyday you do face challenges and must try to find the motivation to overcome them, whether you meet them with triumph or disaster.  Nothing is more terrifying to a human being than the unknown, no matter what the situation. It is why we stay in our comfort zones everyday, it is why we stick to our routines and do things the way we’ve always done them, even if it means getting the same results we don’t want everyday.


Head towards the unknown.

Travel is one way of escaping everyday routine, to enter into a world of possibility, a world where everyday the bulls are charging towards you, and everyday you have to motivate yourself to meet the new challenge that’s thrown at you. To raise yourself up and accomplish what you didn’t think you could. But everyday at home, you face equal challenges. It is hard to stray from routine, it is easy to ignore something that scares you even when you know that overcoming your fear will give you better experiences, or help you to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

The challenge is to leap into the unknown, in all walks of life, to motivate yourself to challenge normality and accomplish what you want to. Fear doesn’t have to hold you back, but should be your motivator. Fear made me run from the bulls, and fear helped me overcome the challenge.

What if everyday you did one thing that scared you, one thing that threw you out of your comfort zone, wouldn’t life be more exciting?

bull horns

Grab the bull by the horns.

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