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Awesome Locations For Digital Nomads!

These Awesome Locations Are Perfect For Digital Nomads

The Travel Continuously Team have been working as Digital Nomads across the world for years.

From the beaches of Bali to the mountains of Georgia, we’ve blogged, sent emails and made videos while building online businesses.

We’ve worked, travelled and lived in cities and locations from Europe to Australia.

We’ve come to realise which cities, which destinations work well for Digital Nomads, through trial, error, and experience.

Now we are sharing that expertise with you!

We put this article together to show you which destinations we believe are perfect for Digital Nomads. These are places we have lived, places we have worked, places we have travelled to or places we are eyeing up for the next work trip.

Read on Digital Nomads, for inspiration for your next awesome remote working location!

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Awesome Locations For Digital Nomads

Canggu, Bali

Canggu is the hot spot on every Digital Nomad’s travel list right now.

It’s Bali’s hippest area, awash with co-working spaces, brimming with remote workers and full of energy. It’s past the ever grimy Kuta and then beyond the crowded streets of Seminyak, bordering lush green rice paddies and awesome beaches.

There’s everything the nomad needs away from home – restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms – accommodation is great value, the scenery is tropical and importantly, you will meet a tonne of like minded bloggers, video makers, influencers and online entrepreneurs.

nomad travel continuously

Tbilisi, Georgia

The Caucasus nation of Georgia is a beautiful country, but it’s a country that has still – very surprisingly considering the natural beauty, delicious cuisine, cheap wine and friendly locals…- managed to stay completely off the radar of mainstream nomads and travellers.

If you are looking for a place that’s on the rise and is still away from the crowds then Georgia is for you. The scenery is breathtaking, the hiking is magnificent and the cuisine is gourmet. The cities are vibrant and ever expanding, and Georgians are ready to welcome in travellers with open arms.

Tbilisi is the place to be based, with fast internet, cheap accommodation and easy access to the rest of the country.

How To Be A Digital Nomad In Tbilisi Georgia

Hong Kong

Hong Kong might be expensive, chaotic and hectic, and it’s not the destination for Nomads who would rather live life beachside, but Hong Kong is an experience.

It’s a city like no other in the world, a fusion of cultures, languages and lifestyles.

The internet is fast and there’s easy travel access to the rest of Asia, but what really makes Hong Kong an awesome destination for Digital Nomads is the incredible food, street culture and urban photography opportunities!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is fast becoming a favourite amongst European Digital Nomads.

The Portuguese capital offers the European city life and cafe culture alongside great weather and nearby beaches.

For a European destination the cost of living is exceptional value, while culture and history are waiting around every street corner.

Importantly, it’s becoming a regional hub for remote workers, a place for Digital Nomads and entrepreneurs to meet and create.

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital is one of the most awesome cities in Europe- if not the world!

Not only is the city full of history, recent and ancient but the city is really going places.

In summer there are great scenes along the beautiful river and from wild parties to relaxing walks, there’s something for everyone, while in winter Budapest opens its freezing doors for Christmas markets and icy views over the Danube.

The best feature of the city though?

The multitude of thermal baths…

Perfect even in the cold cold winters and relaxing in the heat of summer, the baths are reason alone to make Budapest home.

Digital Nomad Destinations Budapest

Tallin, Estonia

Estonia really is at the forefront of the global movement towards remote working.

While other countries are putting up walls and closing themselves in- we’re looking at you Britain and the US! – the small Eastern European nation of Estonia is embracing change and the future.

They realise the future is global, and they recently revealed their revolutionary Digital Nomad visa for remote workers.

Laid back Tallin is the Estonian city to embrace, forward thinking and revolutionary.

Medellin, Colombia

The city of Medellin is Colombia’s second city, but is number one for Digital Nomads in South America.

While the uninformed still associate the city with Narcos and kidnappings the Nomads know this is a location to work and to live.

With a thriving co working culture, cheap rents and the chance to learn Spanish it’s a city and an experience.

Langkawi, Malaysia

The island of Langkawi isn’t on many nomad travel lists, and that’s surprising, because Malaysia’s tropical holiday island is perfectly suited for remote workers looking for a life of sun, sand and chill.

The island is quiet, the beaches are long and sandy and even the busiest, Cenang Beach, is relaxed and super clean.

The internet is consistent, scooters can be rented and the accomodation is beachside and perfect value for long term remote workers. What’s more, most nationalities get a 3 month visa on arrival!

Oh, and the entire island is Duty Free…

Digital Nomad Guide To Langkawi Malaysia

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Classic Chiang Mai. While the Thai city  might appear on EVERY list ever made by Digital Nomads there is a good reason for that. It’s a real hub for remote workers, bloggers, YouTubers and influencers.

Thailand has long been popular with travellers, so it was only natural that Nomads would begin to stay long term, and Chiang Mai with its cheap apartments, laid back vibe and mountain scenery became the place to work remotely.

While Digital Nomads might be branching out across Asia and the rest of the world, Chiang Mai still remains a solid base to work from.

Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Destinations

Coron, Philippines

The Philippines is going to be the next massive South East Asian travel destination. It has it all – beautiful beaches, tropical islands and friendly, English speaking locals!

There are thousands of Filipino Islands, but our real pick for nomads is Coron. It’s one of the most scenically spectacular places in the Philippines, and we love it so much we are holding our first Travel Continuously Summit there.

You can spend your days exploring lagoons, snorkelling in the diverse marine parks and working in paradise.

Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

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