Travel Continuously Summit Coron Philippines 2018

It’s time to announce the bloggers who will be travelling with us to Coron in May 2018!

In January we announced the launch of the first ever Travel Continuously Summit, to be held this May in Coron, Philippines.

This is an incredible opportunity for up and coming Digital Nomads to learn about the business from top bloggers with the beautiful backdrop of Coron accompanying lessons and workshops in the Philippines. We invited bloggers, vloggers and influencers to submit applications for the limited places available, and the response was overwhelming!

It was a difficult task picking who we thought would benefit the most from the trip, and if you didn’t get in this time then don’t worry, this is just the first of many events we will be holding around the world.

Now it’s time to announce the participants, and in their own words, here are the bloggers themselves!

Brandon Bruce

G’day everyone, I’m Brandon Bruce and I’m the new kid on the block when it comes to vlogging/blogging. I’m a 22 year old Aussie with a HUGE passion for travel and I’m starting up something BIG. My business goes by the name of ESCAPING COMFORT ZONE and I’m here to show you that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so push down those fears and follow me to learn how to travel the world on a BUDGET and also for FREE!!

Brandon blogs at Escaping Comfort Zone, follow him for awesome stories and great travel tips!

Brandon Bruce Travel Continuously summit 2018

Marc Hagendijk

Marc Hagendijk, a typical Dutch guy with a common dutch name. Typical, because being almost 2 meters tall it’s safe to say I’ve lived up to the reputation.

Only 22 years of age and already rocking the 9-5 for over 3 years now!
Being a graphic designer I’ve always tried to let creativity and curiosity lead most of my life.

This is partly the reason that during the last few years I visited more countries than most people will in their lives!
To travel continuously would be a dream come true, to me, and to anyone else who values memories and seeing as much of the world as possible.

I hope to learn a lot from this opportunity, and cannot wait for this adventure!

Todd Hata

Food and travel are two of my passions in life, along with photography and filmmaking.  I’m lucky enough to travel for pleasure and business around 200 days a year.  I try to make the best of each trip by eating with the locals, seeing what each city has to offer once you get past the tourist spots, and making photographs and videos of my adventures.
You can find Todd’s travel videos on his YouTube Channel!

Todd Hatta

Mike ‘Tatono Music’ Howland

I make music and videos while travelling the world. Making music and travelling have always been my two main passions and I recently discovered that I can combine the two by making music while I travel! I find joy in providing music for my own travel videos, as well as TV shows, advertisements, and dozens of YouTube channels. The beautiful places and thrills I’ve experienced translates into my music.  Now instead of just making ‘music’, I make ‘travel inspired music’.

You can find Mike’s travel inspired music and videos on his Youtube Channel Tatono Music!

Tatono Music

Charlie James

Life is too short for the easy way of living. I want to show you how to leave your old world behind and step into a world of colour, culture, creativity and dreams! Follow and subscribe to my regular videos, coming soon!
You can follow Charlie and her travels on Instagram @shegoeswandering

Andrew Moore

Part-time nomad living in a full-time corporate world. Living between Dubai, UAE and Bangalore, India, my job as a Project Manager has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world, both for work and pleasure; igniting the restless travel bug inside me. The real passion for me lies within photography and ultimately videography with the goal to inspire others to travel the way that I have been inspired. After watching travel videos on YouTube for so many years (when I should have been working!), I’m stoked to be in The Philippines to kick start this longstanding ambition and connect with like minded people sharing similar aspirations

Be sure to check out Andrew’s awesome Instagram at @moorey14

Nick Pearson

I’m a vlogger, photographer, rapper, music producer, and audio engineer. Whatever artistic medium I’m working on, I aim to inspire people to go after their dreams despite others opinions. My YouTube Channel Nik Of All Trades is focused on cataloguing my adventures. I am currently vagabonding through Asia on a budget and talking about how others can do the same.

Follow Nick’s adventures through his Youtube Videos at Nik Of All Trades!

Nick Pearson

Mike Strawson

Fed up with the daily grind and working hard for someone else’s dream, I made the decision to walk away from the things that I was expected to do, to take a risk and start doing the things that I want to do. My goal is to travel the world, experience new cultures, and document every step along the way.

Check out Mike’s travels on his Instagram @mikestraveljournal

Mikes Travel Journal

We Can’t Wait To Travel Continuously With All These Guys!

We can’t wait to travel with all of these awesome Nomads to Coron, and you will be able to follow the journey too when we blog from the Philippines in May! If you missed out on this trip, then don’t worry, we will be organising more epic events just like it in the future, where you too can learn the skills and knowledge to be a Digital Nomad!

Safe Travels!

The Travel Continuously Team

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