Do you want to be your own boss, travel the world and live the life of your dreams?

Travel Continuously is here to help you learn how to travel the world continuously. Our site is designed to show you how you can change your life and start living your dreams. We’ve asked for the best advice from people currently leading the digital nomad lifestyle and have curated it for you to see.

We understand that leaping into the big unknown can be daunting and that’s why we want to provide you with the inspiration and knowledge that you need to kick start your adventure. We have everything from inspirational stories to freelancing guides – all tailored towards your needs and created by our current travelling digital nomads!

So who are we?

We are a team of people with the belief that continuous travel is accessible to everyone with a desire to change their life. We believe that the traditional office is a thing of the past and ‘work’ can now be done from anywhere in the world.

jordansimosnJordan Simons – Founder, Full-Time Traveller

Founder of the YouTube channel TheLifeOfJord, Jordan has been travelling the world continuously for the past three years.

“Over the past few years I have learnt how to work online to fund my travels. I believe it is something that anyone can do with the right tools and attitude.

I set up Travel Continuously to give other people the resources to do the same. I wished for a resource like this when I started out and hope it can help people along the way! ”

richardcollettRichard Collett – Co-Founder, Travel Writer

Founder of the blog TravelTramp, Richard has been travelling for over 3 years while getting ridiculously far off the beaten track.

“I want to inspire you to make travel your lifestyle! I believe that anyone who wants it enough can do it.

I’m an adventure traveller who loves nothing more than getting off the beaten track. I write travel blogs with a dash of journalism and take photographs along the way.

I’m the Editor here at Travel Continuously, and I hope that we turn this into an invaluable resource for anyone looking to travel the world full time.”

Through this website we will guide you towards living the location independent life of your dreams.

Our mission is to show you how to travel the world continuously.